Commodity Groups

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1. Food Industry, Agriculture, Fisheries

1-1) Food Industry and Drinks

a- Dairy Products: milk, doogh ( ayran or tan), yogurt, butter, cheese, cream, whey, ice cream, powdered milk ,etc.

b- Concentrated Products: juices, concentrated fruits, homogenized products, etc.

c- Honey: organic, non-organic, beeswax, etc.

d- Sweets & Chocolate: all kinds of cookies & biscuits (wafer), sweets (with cocoa and without cocoa), chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa and its products, jelly, marmalade, all kinds of fruit compotes, jam, etc.

e- Pasta: macaroni, pasta, yeast, etc.

f- Protein and Canned Foods, Pickles and Additives : sausage, processed products made of white and red meat, tomato sauce, all kinds of edible sauces, all kinds of pickles, pickled cucumber, edible vinegar, spices, salt, oil, ready to eat soups

g- Herbal Essences (Drinks): damask rose water, mint, rosemary, pussy willow, orange blossom, tarragon, etc.

h- Drinks: non-alcohol beer, carbonated beverages, mineral water, energy drinks, tea, café, Nescafé, etc.

i- Technical Engineering Services and all Types of Machinery and Equipment for the Food Industry: machinery for the preparation of food or beverages, confectionery or bakery machines, biscuits, macaroni & spaghetti producing machines, machines for filling & covering of bottles, machines for making drinks carbonated, etc.

1-2) Agricultural Products

a- Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds: pistachios (fresh, dried, no shell), walnut (dried, Fresh), almonds, hazelnuts, seeds (sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds), raisins (seeds), fig (fresh, dried), etc.

b- Fruits, Vegetables, Summer Crops: fruits including: apple, kiwi, fresh citrus, all kinds of vegetables (dried, fresh), grapes (granular, non-grained), watermelon, Onion, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, potato, all kinds of dried fruits, half-baked cereals, puree, etc.

c- Cereals and Grains: rice, wheat, barley, lentil, beans, bulgur, wheat gluten, flour (wheat and rice) and food products made from flour, malt extract, seeds, etc.

d- Agricultural Products: dates (dried, fresh), saffron (crushed and uncoated, bulk, powder), barberry, turmeric, mushroom, cumin, etc.

e- Flowers and Plants: cut flowers and dried or fresh buds, etc.

f- Poison, Fertilizer and Seed

g- Technical Engineering Services and All Kinds of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment: tractor, sprayer, combine harvester, loader, roller, land cultivation machine, etc.

1-3) Fisheries and Seafood

a- All kinds of Fishes and Seafood: fresh, frozen and smoked, etc.

b- All kinds of Canned Foods: tuna fish, caviar, fish oiled.

c- Foods for Marine Animals

d-Technical Engineering Services and Fisheries Equipment


2. Industry

2-1) Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunications, Communication

a. Industrial and Household Appliances: all types of wire and cable, all types of panels, all types of electronic switches, renewable energy (solar, wind turbines, optical equipment), machinery and electronic equipment, electrical transformer, electromotor, etc.

b. Lighting Industry: chandelier, lamp shades, lighting equipment, etc.

c. Communication: infrastructural companies, operators, communication services, etc.

d. Software: the production of various software IT programs, network security, IT management, etc

2-2) Metal and Iron Industry: iron ingot, all kinds of iron & metal products, aluminum, aluminum wire, aluminum ingot, copper, copper ingot, copper cathode, copper wire.

2-3) Industrial and Mechanical Group

a. Mechanical, Machinery and Industrial Equipment: air and gas compressors, welding equipment, industrial furnaces, industrial jacks, industrial molds, rolling industry equipment, material handling equipment, industrial valves, pumps, industrial compressors, fans, etc.

2-4) Printing and Packaging Industry: cartons, cans, boxes of paper or corrugated cardboard, semi-chemical fluting, zinc, etc.

2-5) Household Appliances

a. Energy-Consuming Appliances: all kinds of heating devices, kitchen appliances such as: refrigerator, washing machine, radiator, oven, cooker, etc.

b. Non Energy-Consuming Appliances: all kinds of kitchen accessories such as kitchen utensils, sleeping products (pillows, cushions, blanket, …), all kinds of curtains, etc.

2-6) Vehicles & Cars

a. Different Types of Vehicles: passenger cars, cargo vehicles, construction vehicles (roads and buildings), buses, minivans, vans, motorcycle, etc

b. Automotive Parts & Accessories: tires, auto glasses (for a variety of vehicles), batteries, spare parts, etc


3. Handmade Carpet, Handicrafts, Tourism

3-1) Handmade Carpet, Pictorial Carpet

3-2) Handicrafts: inlay, enamel, khatam kari, pottery, ornaments and decorative jewels and precious mineral stones such as turquoise, etc.

3-3) Tourism: hotel, formalities, travel agencies, etc.


4. Medicine, Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Chemical, Cosmetics and Hygiene Products

4-1) Medicine and Medical Equipment

a- Medicines: chemical, herbal, vaccine, and pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

b- Engineering Services and Hospital & Laboratory Equipment: ambulance, medical and dental chair, hospital beds, blood bags, antiserum and blood products, dental products, vital signs monitor, laboratory equipment, etc.

4-2) Chemical Products: ammonium chloride, sodium hydroxide, polyethylene, all kinds of plastic and polymer products (disposable plastic containers), etc.

4-3) Cosmetics and Hygiene Products 


5. Building Industry, Technical and Engineering Services

5-1) Building Materials: tile, ceramic, brick, cement and clinker, sanitary valves, tubes, glass (safety glass, flute glass), doors and windows, constructional stones, mosaic, insulation, white cement, beams and girders made of cast iron and iron, refractory bricks, skeleton frame and skeleton frame pieces made of metal, building paints, all types of elevators components, etc.

5-2) Municipal Services and Urban Furniture

5-3) Furniture and Interior Design: wood production industry, all kinds of furniture, house and office design, fittings, etc.

5-4) Major and Small Civil Projects: power station, machinery and power plant equipment, steam boilers, steam turbine parts, dam, airstrip, port facilities, traffic signs

5-5) Manufacturing and Equipment of Ships, Marine Services


6. Petrochemical Industry

6-1) Petrochemical Products and Polymer Materials: gas condensate, methanol, bitumen, paraffin (wax), industrial motor oil, paint, resin, powder paint, glue, natural asphalt, mineral base oil, oil or mineral oils of bitumen, Polystyrene, Industrial Oils, Industrial Wax, Film Grade, Furfural, Toluene, Ethylene, Glycol, etc.


7. Service Industry

7-1) Insurance

7-2) Financial: bank, exchange, etc.

7-3) Customs

7-4) Transportation:  land (road, rail), water (shipping), and air.

7-5) EMC Companies

7-6) International law Companies

7-7) Inspection and Quality Control Companies




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