Charter Mission

Charter mission


In order to fulfill Article 44 of the constitution, guidelines of Imam Khomeini and the measures and policies issued by the Supreme Leader for realizing the objective of the role of the private sector and cooperatives in economic development in all aspects (economic strength) pattern-based Islamic-Iranian People the participation of people in the realization of the visions of the Charter be published in 1404


Model appropriate non-oil exports in accordance with the values and Islamic model-Iran to culture, prosperity and employment and propel the business environment and the private sector and cooperatives and NGOs in the international arena and to promote export and increase public participation and strengthen the desire for national progress.


  1. develop criteria and indicators exhibition of export-oriented activities, based on the constitution, guidelines of Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader issued by measures and policies and laws.
  2. Global Club of Establishment and leading exporters of Islamic Republic of Iran (BSAJA)
  3. Create a permanent technical secretariat and endeavors for its globalization.
  4. Exhibiting of the export capabilities exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran and other provinces preparing infrastructure for such exhibitions in target countries with the necessary permits and in line with the objectives of this document.
  5. Create national emblem (logo) of the exhibition
  6. Setting up evaluation system of export capacity and annual festivals and award granting export capabilities to companies and individuals
  7. Efforts to attract investment in the study, research, teaching and promoting export development and international marketing of various industries to international standards.
  8. Use promotional-economic environment as an opportunity to strengthen the economic development of the national economy with the approach of resistance
  9. Identify target markets for producers and exporters in the national and international level
  10. Strengthen the knowledge-based companies to build capacity for the development of non-oil exports
  11. Support for the cooperative and private companies and networks of production and research to boost exports
  12. Support for the establishment of distribution centers and sales and trading of Iranian goods in the international arena

The Charter was unveiled and made public at the closing session of the first exhibition of export capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 10/02/1392 coincided with the national day of Persian Gulf and the Secretariat of the permanent forum since the publication of the Charter are required and will be required to follow

Organizer of the Export Capabilities Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran


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