About Iran Expo

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About Iran Expo
In the event of “Iran Expo”, more than 800 top capable Iranian exporters and Iranian industrialists within 11 categories will have their own stalls in 18 halls with 40.000 m2 area in Tehran international exhibition center and more than 1000 foreign businesspersons and Industrialists (from around 70 Countries) are going to attend at this great event for B2B negotiations (in a Win-Win Business Atmosphere for any joint ventures-investment and transaction).  All foreign businesspersons/ Industrialists will be our guest for 2 nights and three days, by being accommodate in 5-star hotels.
In this regard and in order to help Foreign companies and businessmen to explore the market and expand mutual trade among Iranian companies, the secretariat of IRAN EXPO welcome your Company/your associated companies to participate in this great event.

The Exhibition is taking place on 7-10th May 2023 in TEHRAN international exhibition center.
The incentives provided by IRAN EXPO headquarters for the invited businessmen and merchants include:
 the costs of domestic transportation of the businessmen and merchants
    the costs of food and drink of the businessmen and merchants for 2 nights and 3 days
   the costs of the 5-star hotel accommodation & hospitality of the businessmen and merchants for 2 nights and 3 days`
    Holding B2B meetings
    Industrial touring for the businessmen and merchants in order to visit the Iranian industries
    Tehran sightseeing tour for the foreigner business committees
Note: Ticket and visa costs will be paid by the businessmen.

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